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Confinement - How to deal with yourself

The time has come for us to face a moment of social isolation due to COVID-19. We are experiencing a period of distancing from the people we love, those we'd like to hug, kiss, make love to, and express our emotions to. Think about this: we are used to giving love and receiving it in return. You embrace and are embraced - the affection you usually give comes back to you, and that's where the feeling of fulfillment comes from, just like when you receive a "like" on a post, but in person.

Many are feeling "abandoned," almost depressed due to the lack of external activity. Oops! We've reached the key point. We are never alone! We have a being that needs our daily care all the time: ourselves. Our presence needs to be full and pleasant. If you know every corner of your soul, of your essence, if you accept every aspect of your personality, if you feel comfortable with your own presence, everything becomes lighter. Everything becomes more enjoyable.

When we deny some dark corner of our soul and leave it dusty, not even looking at it because we find it ugly and shadowy, then we need someone to lend their light and joy to feel all the corners "complete." But this is pure illusion. The obscure corners that exist within our soul, and that we prefer to forget because we consider them ugly and unpleasant, are qualities to be revisited and polished. Perhaps these corners are our best space. Perhaps the best of us resides there, but we don't accept it because we don't know how to deal with its geometry. They may seem like mazes, but they are actually a straight and sure path to complete happiness.

Get to know all your spaces and learn to deal with them, learn to love and respect them, and automatically, the absence of others will not be a burden capable of nullifying your existence. Others are here to add, not to complete. You need to be whole and enlightened to the point where you don't need to borrow someone else's light to be happy. Know your weaknesses just as well as you know your strengths. Unravel your inner universe, accept yourself, mold yourself, polish yourself, love yourself, and when the embrace of others comes, you won't be a thief of love. You will share love in its most complete form. Being alone cannot be something bad; on the contrary, this should be the moment of encountering your inner divinity. Others are indeed necessary, but before them, there's you. Be content with your divine presence, and when you open the door to the outside world, you won't feel like leaving a prison, but you will have the fullness to spread your wings and fly through the streets, bars, and homes like a great bird, illuminating everything in your path.

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