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Discover how you deal with different areas of your life and the trends you can follow for a happier life, according to Astrology combined with Numerology.

Have a Global Astro-Numerological Analysis with a Super Discount!
All aspects plus Life Phases.


Creator of the Numerologia 360 Graus method

Yvette Hio Pugliesi

Yvette Hio Pugliesi is the creator of the most modern method of Numerology nowadays, called "Numerologia 360 Graus." She holds a post-graduate degree in Clinical Psychology, a Bachelor's degree in Literature, is a hypnotherapist with training in Portugal, an author, speaker and teacher. With over 15 years of experience in human behavior, she transitioned to the study of Numerology and innovated it to enable the work of Numerologists and ensure quick understanding for clients.

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