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Course Numerologia 360 Graus

Curso Numerologia 360 Graus

Become an expert in Numerology and discover how it can transform your life!"

Numerology is an ancient practice that uses mathematical calculations based on your name and date of birth to reveal personality traits, abilities, challenges, and future trends. Besides offering you a promising career, it is also a powerful tool to help others understand themselves better and achieve their goals.

Be your own boss, have financial freedom, and time to enjoy what truly matters.

Open the doors to a transformative life as a Numerologist and start building your successful future today!

What will you learn in this course?

. Learn how to calculate the main characteristics of a name and date of birth, discover potentials, challenges, vocations, and trends.

. Unravel behavioral traits and how to reshape them for balance or exploration of strengths.

. Explore, through the date of birth, the vibrations in each phase of life, month by month, from birth, understanding the significance of Personal Years, Personal Months, Life Cycles, Pinnacles, Subcycles, and Secondary Challenges.

. With the knowledge of calculations and proper analysis, you will be able to use the 360-Degree Spreadsheet by simply inputting the name and date of birth, and... voilà! The charts will be ready for you to apply your analysis.


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e-Book Numerologia 360 Graus
Planilha Numerologia 360 Graus

Course Content

Course with a duration of 18 hours, divided into 9 modules of 2 hours each. The classes take place online, via the Zoom platform, for your convenience.

Direct and objective lessons! In just 30 days, you will be able to create Comprehensive Maps!

Module 01

. Understanding Pythagorean Numerology

. Numbers and letters - Pythagorean Table


. Vibrations of Numbers

Module 04

. Destiny

. Personality


. Expression

Module 07

. Vital Cycles


. Pinnacles

Module 02

. Adding numbers

. Potencies


. Karmic Numbers and Master Numbers

Module 05

. Numerological Grid

. Combination of Vibrations

Module 08

. Subcycles

. Secondary Challenge

. Numerological Spreadsheet

Module 03

. Life Path

. Life Lesson


. Soul

Module 06

. Universal Year

. Personal Year


. Personal Month

Module 09

. Collective Practice and Evaluation


Benefits of the Profession Numerologist

Remote Work and Financial Freedom

Trabalhando em casa

Work from Home with Ease!

With just a computer, cell phone, and internet access, you can become a professional Numerologist. This incredible profession allows you to work from home, with all the flexibility and convenience you've always desired.

Um homem a contar dinheiro

Achieve Your Financial Freedom!

Imagine having complete control over your income and achieving the financial freedom you've always dreamed of. With Numerology, this is possible! For every Numerological Chart you create, you can earn between R$150.00 and R$600.00, and with dedication, effort, and a few Charts per day, you'll be on the path to achieving your financial independence.

Liberdade financeira

Free Time for What Truly Matters!

We know that time is our most valuable resource. By becoming a Numerologist, you can enjoy more free time to savor life, pursue your passions, and be more present for your family and friends. Working with what you love and having the flexibility to organize your schedule are the keys to a fulfilling and accomplished life.


Creator of the Numerologia 360 Graus method

Yvette Hio Pugliesi

Yvette Hio Pugliesi is the creator of the most modern method of Numerology nowadays, called "Numerologia 360 Graus." She holds a post-graduate degree in Clinical Psychology, a Bachelor's degree in Literature, is a hypnotherapist with training in Portugal, an author, speaker and teacher. With over 15 years of experience in human behavior, she transitioned to the study of Numerology and innovated it to enable the work of Numerologists and ensure quick understanding for clients.

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Complete training and how to sell your services.
From September 19th to 29th, 2023.
From 19:30 PM to 21:30 PM (BR) - From 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (UAE).
Regular: 2.490,00 for
3 x R$ 566.67 or R$ 1,700.00 online debit
Option for 12 installments on credit card.
By enrolling, you agree to the Terms of Use.


Yvette has a precise and accurate reading! She can identify precious details from the past, present and future, capable of predicting, alerting, and guiding about the best paths and decisions to follow! A highly qualified professional, top-notch! Besides being very kind and attentive as a person. I highly recommend her!

Sandra Iannuzzi

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